Ha nem indul a jatek+(bővítések)
Posted 22 / 01 / 2019

Vegyétek fel a kapcsolatot vele és segit :


Bővítések!:-Pouch Fortune Drop

                   -Bossok,Eventek Wcoin drop növelve!

                   -Meghívás rendszer On!

                   -Több Spot létrehozva!

                   -Trial Bossok (380as itemek,Conqueror wing,Devil wing)

                   -Party xp növelve!

                   -Grand Reset elérhető 1500rr=1000000Credit !

Revenge MuOnline
Posted 10 / 01 / 2019

Welcome Revenge MuOnline!
Exp:800 Drop:70% Medium Server!
Blood Castle and Chaos Castle and ( Bosses ) Gift:Wcoin!
Lacleon Drop Socket item, Selupan : 380Exc items.
Party Xp Very Good! Invite Friends: Wcoin gift!
Red Dragon: Exp+opt Rings,Kundun7 drop : 5anci items!
Gens System! Number of Gold Monsters Increased!
Kanturu Relics event: Very Good Drop! All maps added Spots!
And Starter Pack Bronze Vip+Exp+Drop+Goblinrate!
Wcoin Exchange On! (Bk,Elf,Sm,Sum)=10lvl up points!
(Mg,Dl,Rf)=12point/lvl! /reset system on! Reset point:800!
Vip Reset point=1000! 
Vip Package: (Bronze,Silver,Gold) Shop only = small wing!
                   We Welcome all players!

Download New Client and Like facebook page: Revenge MuOnline!

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Currently this is only one server.